Welcome to Resplendent Branding

Whether small or big, businesses rely on their identity to connect with their clients.

Resplendent Branding teaches small business owners how to set up and execute their own marketing until their business grows enough to hire full-time marketing staff.

Learn how to promote your business hands-on or let us take care of your activities for you, from digital marketing, website development, social media marketing, SEO, and graphic design to traditional marketing and branding.

Resplendent Branding will take care of everything while you focus on learning the marketing ropes or while you focus on growing your business!

Our Services

Resplendent Branding offers small business owners the opportunity to learn and execute a myriad of digital and traditional marketing initiatives or the option to let us handle the campaigns for them.

Our consultants will promote and teach you how to grow your business through:

  • Branding & Identity Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Event Planning & Promotions
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo & Business Card Design
  • Website Development
  • Tutorial Video Production
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Target Profiling & Selection
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Analytics
  • Traditional Marketing & Print Advertising
  • Online Advertising

And more!


What’s In A Name

Resplendent Branding‘s name comes as a homage to the Resplendent Quetzal (pharomachrus mocinno), which is also displayed in our logo.

To understand why this bird embodies our brand, one must go back in time to Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica: The inhabitants of the region (Mayans, Aztecs, Olmecs, etc.) worshiped a being known as Qetzalcoatl to some, and Kukulkan to others.

This deity was believed to fertilize the crop lands and was a deity of wealth, luck, and prosperity. This god was widely depicted in hieroglyphs & scrolls as a feathered serpent.

The Quetzal was believed to be a manifestation and messenger of Quetzalcotl/Kukulkan because it resembles a feathered serpent when it flies. It was believed that the Quetzal was the messenger that delivered knowledge & the wishes of the gods to people, and prayers & offerings from people to the gods.

Like the Quetzal, Resplendent Branding acts as a messenger between the marketing forces, the wishes of your clients, and cyberspace and delivers to you the information you need to attain prosperity.

Furthermore, the word “resplendent” evokes what we strive to achieve for your brand: an attractive identity, impressive personality, memorable in color, and striking in quality.

Our Clients

We have worked with small business owners to provide guidance and small-to-large-budget marketing options to promote their brands. They include brands in home renovation, DJ services, real estate, cosmetics, and others.

Contact Us

To inquire about our consultants, our services, or to receive a quote, please contact us at:

Resplendent Branding
Email: info@resplendentbranding.com
Tel: 289-259-6937

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